POA #1 – 2001



Politics Of Apathy was an intricate collage project of surrealist agitprop I put together in 2001. The intention was a form of “deprogramming manual”. It was part logic puzzle and part manifesto. I’d been inspired by an encounter the year before with a strange, nervous twitchy man with even stranger political views. My target was commercialization and commodification and how media shapes self-image.


poa1pg1 poa1pg2 poa1pg3 poa1pg4 poa1pg5 poa1pg6 poa1pg7 poa1pg8 poa1pg9 poa1pg10 poa1pg11 poa1pg12 poa1pg13 poa1pg14 poa1pg15 poa1pg16 poa1pg17 poa1pg18 poa1pg19 poa1pg20

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