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Fabulous Youtube Playlist Of Packed Club Dance Floors 1986-1987

5 Mar


Wound up stumbling across this awesome playlist of packed 80s dance clubs. And just wow. Some of them take a few watches just to try to catch everything going on. Seems like a lot of the places were New Wave-centric, because the crowd seems more goth/punk than one would expect. A lot of gangly guys in eyeliner and oversized jackets doing lopsided Napoleon Dynamite dances, a lot of regrettable hairstyles, but also some really amazing style… and some seriously hawt mohawk action going on.


Corpsepaint Sheep Will Adorably Deliver Us Into Infernal Chaos.

9 May


I don’t even have anything cool in particular to say about this Norwegian (because of course) sheep born with coloring that looks like black metal corpsepaint. At least, nothing that probably hasn’t already been said. I’m just happy he exists.