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Can We Just Not With Racist Bullshit In The Trans Community?

10 Feb


I don’t have many mottos, but one I do is “If you have the gall to point at a QPOC/TPOC as ‘whats wrong with ____ movement’ I’m gonna say you’re full of shit”.

There’s been an ever-flowing river of bullshit repercussion regarding Janet Mock’s recent interviews with Pierce Morgan and Laverne Cox’s interview with Katie Couric. A lot of cis folks throwing their hands in the air and either saying “gawrsh why are you people so complex who knew” or whining about allies being unappreciated enough. Transphobic assclowns doubling down. Dipshits accusing Janet Mock of “just trying to sell books” as if that’s a completely fucking alien concept of what A WOMAN DOING AN INTERVIEW ON A BOOK TOUR would do. Just completely ridiculous fuckery from every angle.

But perhaps my least favorite of all is this is racist shit I’m seeing from other white trans folks that seem so fucking incensed that trans women of color are finally getting some mainstream attention. The statuses above are each from married trans couple Mark and Jessica Cummings, hosts of the unimaginatively-titled radio show Transition Radio. The pair first came to my attention over their defense of Buck Angel’s scammy scam scam pyramid scheme scam, the lively ensuing conversation earning him a place in this website’s Rogue’s Gallery. And his wife is easily as problematic if not worse. In just the few experiences I’ve observed them, they compulsively misgender anyone that disagrees with them, are obsessed with passing and all the gross cultural baggage involved with that, and are all about privilege denial (class privilege, white privilege, etc). Kinda sad really, considering the wasted potential of an outspoken pair like this putting themselves out there with the absolute worst opinions about everything.

In the past day or so, however, the two seem to be competing to see how close they can get to filling out a White Privilege Bingo card. racist2



^Lemme just take a break here to really dig in to the above commentary. Cause like, you’ll see white trans folks talk all the time about how often we’re being killed, but let’s get real it’s TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR getting killed primarily. Many of us will be on the receiving end of violence (I myself have been physically assaulted twice and sexually assaulted once in just the past six months) but I know better than to try to own the particular risks of being both trans and non-white. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts this pair will continue to make claims of us “all experiencing the same oppression” and “all dying over this” even as Mark here is willing to write off the actual occurrences with some cynical callous-ass racist “black-on-black” commentary when confronted with it.



He then proceeded to post right-wing bullshit articles about supposedly “racist” black people:


Until culminating on literally posting “Bleed Red” by the other guy from Brooks & Dunn


Seriously tho, I’ve never understood privilege-denying trans folks. My lifelong struggle over my gender identity/sexual orientation instilled much of the empathy within me towards others that struggle and the desire to understand and learn how to best advocate for them without stepping over them. Growing up as a poor redneck in rural Texas, who knows what I have turned out like had I not spent most of my existence with a question mark over my head. One can watch me develop and mature in these attitudes towards social justice ever since the days of Why I’m Not An Artist, and even before. My political leaning and my identity are fairly intertwined.

Am I surprised to see outspoken trans folks/activists that have the fundamental politics of FOX NEWS? Not really. Is it a bummer? Totally.