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Lord Help Me I’ve Joined A Libertarian Dating Site.

17 Jan

Online dating is pretty much a joke, as anyone can tell you. This is doubly true if you’re a trans woman.

So when a friend posted about Libertarian Passions I figured I’d join as a joke. I didn’t expect to make it past the profile creation process, to be honest. You never know going into these things if you’re about to be dealing with Bitcoin Libertarians or Glenn Beck Libertarians or stumbling down  some horrible Dark Enlightenment rabbit hole.

libertarianpassions4Oh fuck what have I done?

The site itself is actually a niche site under the Passions Network, which you’d think would be a little, um, socialist for such rugged bootstraps individualists. You’d think they’d have some sort of volunteer-run Tor network dating/arms dealership site.  Still, considering I was expecting some sort of ChristianMingle with porn I was definitely surprised when greeted with one of the most progressive gender selection options I’ve ever seen on a dating site:


I’m guessing that’s a Passions Network thing, but still.

So anyway, I went through the process and honestly the only things I can complain about at this point is that the layout is hideous:


…and that they’ve taken the whole Facebook “poke” concept and turned it all sorts of creepy.

libertarianpassions8Yes, jump up and down on me. That’s a healthy way to get a girl’s attention.

Of course, I’m sure broadcasting my brand new dating profile on the internet is definitely an idea I won’t come to immediately regret.

One Terabyte Of Kilobite Age, A Geocities Archive Blog.

10 Dec


One Terabyte Of Kilobyte Age is a blog project on the fascinating vintage computer nerdery site Contemporary Home Computing.  It’s a regularly posted of a recovered archive of Geocities sites, posted one at a time in chronological order on the corresponding Tumblr. On the main blog, commentary and trends are noted, like this symbolical interpretation of the classic “Felix The Cat gif”  and this analysis on broken image links. It’s an amazing resource of vintage internet ephemera, of experimentation and curiosity and people seeking like minds.

kilobyteage1kilobyteage8kilobyteage3 kilobyteage4 kilobyteage5 kilobyteage6

So, Um, I’m Not Comfortable With Anything About This.

26 Nov


THE NIHILISTIC BEAUTY AZALEA. Created using: The Anus Analyzer

I feel strangely flattered, but also feel horrible about it.