Rani Baker

RANI BAKER: Pronounced “Rainy Baker”. Hello hello ^_^

I’m the founder and frontperson for the rowdy hacker-punk outfit Destroyed For Comfort. In the late 1990s I wrote and drew a comic called Why I’m Not An Artist. Maybe you’ve heard of me. If not, thanks for giving me a chance to entertain you.

I’m a fairly recently-hatched (started hormones late-June 2012) white genderfluid trans-woman. Pansexual. Rabidly Leftish in a non-specific way. Snarky. Witchy. Gothy. Cusses a lot. Like, a LOT.

Was getting a little tired of spreading myself thin and wasting all my clever lines on social media and forum posts, and decided I wanted back in the website/blogging game. So, this happened.

You can find me stinking up the internet on these other fine websites:





And you can find stuff I used to do here:



And of course there’s this:


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