There’s A New Racist Violent Fake-Intersex Gendercrit Trans In Town, And He’s Gonna Make Us Pay.

23 May

fakeintersex1Aw shit we’re in trouble now.

How long has it been since I wrote about racist asshole Mark Angelo Cummings? Gosh it’s been forever, and boy have times changed. First of all, apparently he’s intersex now, on top of his appropriation of Native American two-spirit spirituality:


Wait, deep voice? But just five years ago Mark was claiming that he was a natural soprano and that he lost his high-pitched voice from hormone therapy:


Have I mentioned yet that he is racist? Because Mark (Maritza?) Angelo Cummings is super racist. Also apparently he has Aspergers now too because why not. It’s not like he’s literally the flippant identity-politics nightmare he claims other trans folks are, appropriating whatever label reinforces his special snowflake status:


Anyways, Mark is officially gendercrit now, a turn of events I literally prophesied back in August. And of course like all the others, he somehow can’t detransition because “reasons”:


This sort of shit is predictable as clockwork; abusive, disgraced, socially conservative, frequently white-supremacist talking heads taking up this mantle to deflect criticism. Because the gendercrit movement will literally forgive any violence as long as the victim is born-male and the perpetrator screams “tranny” a lot. Pedophile sex-offenders like Nelson Garcia, homophobic straightbro eco-terrorists like Jonah P Mix; hell Mark isn’t even the gendercrit movement’s first intersex-faker.



Now lemme take a second to say this about that. Folks are gonna twist this, but nothing going on in this article is about violent racist fake-intersex Mark Angelo Cummings being a gendercrit, TERF, whatever. Y’all can have him with my blessing. Y’all deserve each other. While I have your attention tho; I’m perfectly aware that abusive snowflakes like Mark that scream all the time about their tapestry of elaborate self-identities is not a typical example of the gendercrit movement. Although I share little in common in political stance with them, I’m not unsympathetic to their concerns; I’m not ignorant or unaware of where they are coming from. I just think the stances are intellectually dishonest to the point of insulting everyone’s intelligence and frequently hypocritical to the point where it interferes with the message. I’ve probably said a billion times that I wasn’t far off from becoming gendercrit when I detransitioned a decade ago:

fakeintersex13this whole issue makes me uncomofortable for so many reasons

But all of this is neither here or there; have I mentioned that Mark Angelo Cummings (allegedly) beats his partners?


Now, I admit, I said some pretty mean things about Jessica when her and Mark were together, and I really feel bad about that now because holy shit. I’m not saying what is true or not in this very personal situation (that just happened to be aired out publicly on the internet) but… Just look at the way the dude and his new girlfriend gloats about her not filing a police report…. the following is not how people typically respond to allegations of something that didn’t happen:

fakeintersex15fakeintersex16I hope you’re (allegedly) taking notes, Lynna.

Note the use of gendercrit language as a shield/validation for the (alleged) abuse. It’s awfully convenient that Mark is adopting this new gendercrit identity while he’s in the middle of grooming a new partner. It’s not like the movement is particularly isolating to trans women, and it’s not like enforced isolation of partners is a red flag symptom of (alleged) serial domestic abusers.


fakeintersex18This. Will. (Allegedly). Not End Well.

And of course of course of course of course Lynna isn’t gonna be detransitioning either, because “reasons”. Even though gender dysphoria isn’t a thing, and is just misguided narcissism? Which is ok for them (but nobody else) to continue to indulge because???

fakeintersex19fakeintersex21fakeintersex22The “voice of reason” in the trans community, y’all.

Also, as an aside, her Facebook likes are fucking hilarious.

fakeintersex20Goddamnit, Zoe Tur.

Anyway, this whole thing is hilarious and absurd so I’m just gonna post this and wait for good old Mark to haunt my comment section for months like he does. You know, being all “well-balanced and happy with his life unlike me” and all. Have I mentioned lately that Mark Angelo Cummings is racist?


11 Responses to “There’s A New Racist Violent Fake-Intersex Gendercrit Trans In Town, And He’s Gonna Make Us Pay.”

  1. Anonymous May 23, 2015 at 3:13 pm #

    I feel that these 2 people who wants to try to prove a point that we are living a lie…. I am sad to say they are wrong they do not know what we going through or what may have happened to us in our past

  2. Charleigh KK May 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    I’m usually decent at deconstructing online comments, but screamy nonreligious backlash “movements” against transfolk are new to me, and these people in particular are baffling. Is this some sort of Munchausen Syndrome-Conspiracy Theorist-Projecting Narcissist hybrid behavior?

  3. Anonymous May 24, 2015 at 4:30 am #

    What’s funny is he was claiming to be a DES baby until someone pointed out that DES doesn’t cause girls to be born intersex, all of a sudden he had progestin induced viritlization instead. Oh they were briefly claiming that Lynna is intersex too.

    It’s funny too how they keep referring to trans people as narcissistic. Meanwhile constantly posting selfies and talking about how they are going to change the world (because they are so famous and influential and all)

    I honestly don’t even know whether he believes all the crap he says or whether it’s to get more views (and to convince Lynna not to get SRS because he loves cock) Like maybe he wasn’t getting enough paypal donations from trans people so now he’s trying to make money from the TERF/gendercrit crowd (but I do agree, they can have him, not a loss for the trans community by any means)

    I think it comes across quite clearly from current and past videos that he is controlling in relationships (and the ones where he’s not allowed control end really quickly) It’s interesting that his usual response to people who bring up his (alleged) abuse of Jessica is to ask his ex-wife of 10 years whether he ever hit her. Because not hitting her totally proves he is not abusive everrr.

    I would feel bad for him for mistakenly transitioning if he wasn’t being such an ass. Surely it’s possible to discuss alternatives to transition without insulting and dismissing the real life experiences of those who have benefitted from transitioning. Indeed not everybody who ever questions their gender needs to transition but some do.

  4. Anonymous May 27, 2015 at 4:25 am #

    For two people who are oh so happy and don’t care what people think of them they sure spend a lot of time posting about and replying to peoples’ negative comments about them. They seem to especially like posting screenshots of other peoples’ posts after blocking said people from their Facebook pages so those people can’t see what’s being posted about them let alone have a chance to respond. Cowardly much?

  5. Tim October 21, 2015 at 12:47 am #

    I had the unfortunately pleasure debating this guy on a youtube video about transrights. He made the argument that transwomen aren’t women because they were born men and then he said he almost considered himself trans. I don’t know if he’s trans or not after reading his stuff against transitioning. He told me that if trans individuals don’t identify with the sex their born with, they should fix their mind. Personally, I find this kind of advice very dangerous. You can read my argument with him here:


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