The Ballad Of The Block Bot Killer.

9 Dec

For a little backstory into this tale of hubris, it’s worth noting that the Block Bot is a handy yet controversial Twitter plug-in/app that conveniently pre-emptively blocks notorious d-bags,  haters and assbros so you no longer hear their obnoxious bleating on your feed and in your mentions.

Naturally, overt factions of dbags, haters and assbros are making whinging flailing claims that the voluntary use of this plugin counts as a form of fascism, because these are people that literally have no idea how anything works.  Others claim that it is a form of harassment, because they are so fundamentally narcissistic that they believe anyone not paying attention to them is a form of harassment. Apparently 4chan thinks the BlockBot is responsible for something called a “Trollocaust“.  MRAs, atheist douchebros, TERFs and even rabid shitmonster Todd Kincannon hate it; so naturally I’m a huge fan.

So anyway, earlier today A CHALLENGER APPEARS.


But then almost immediately after:

blockbotkiller3 blockbotkiller2 blockbotkiller4 blockbotkiller5blockbotkiller6

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