Alex Jones Is Scared That Transgender Equality Will Lead To Messy Bathrooms.

3 May


Because WHARBLGARBL. via Media Matters and the Austin Chronicle.

“They’re saying in high schools, in junior highs now, they’re going to have – men can decide to be in the women’s bathroom if they want. You’re like ‘well big deal, that’s their gender.’ It’s all about these fake rights that don’t exist versus my basic liberty being taken. It’s not that I’m against people that think they’re a woman or a man or whatever. I don’t even care. Give me a break. It’s not even on my radar screen. I could care less. I care about people.

I dealt at Access TV with a famous Austin transvestite, who died a few years ago, who they’re talking about building a statue to, going in the bathroom, men and women, and vomiting all over the walls when they would do whatever they were doing in there. WHARBLGARBL. The bad luck is I had an office where we would look down, turned out he lived around the block, and I would have to watch him every day in the cheerleader outfit, through my office window, on the air, doing deals and stuff in cars and stumbling around everywhere. WHARBLGARBL.

I don’t want my daughters growing up in a country where some transvestite comes walking into the thing hopped out of their brain on drugs vomiting and crapping all over the place.

*putting my hand to my forehead for a moment to fend off an impending aneurism*

So… ok.

Hopefully the kind of person that reads my blog understands the difference between what transvestite and transgender means, so we can skip all that mess. Ok? Ok.

So let’s talk for a moment about Leslie Cochran. (R.I.P.)

That’s the guy Alex Jones is slobbering and drooling and obsessing over in his spittle-flecked rant. And yes I said guy. Leslie wasn’t transgender. He was a regular at a gay bar I worked at and never used the women’s restroom the entire time. He preferred to be referred to as male. That doesn’t mean that he deserved ridicule. He was a prominent activist for the homeless and advocate for police accountability. I’ve had a few (quite serious, occasionally) disagreements with Leslie over the years over various things, but the last time I ran into him ended in a hug. He was a decent person, and gets enough flak from people posthumously without a homophobic cretin like Jones just making stories and scenarios up.

Anyway, let’s get back to talking about how Alex Jones is a rancid sack of horse feces.

For instance, his insistence, as a PROPONENT OF FREEDOMZ, to devote so much slobbering obsession over an advocate of the marginalized homeless and critic of police abuse because they happen to not be cishet, and humiliating them specifically on that point. It’s… it’s almost like Alex Jones really isn’t a critic of the actual dominant paradigms of systematic oppression and just wants to proselytize his brand of Evangelical  Christianity. Funny how he makes a profit off of it as well.

Not to mention that he’s supposedly THE MOTHEFUCKING KING of sourced research amongst his drooling minions, but when he wants them to know his position on trans rights it’s entirely based on a barely fucking coherent ramble about his days on Austin Public Access TV. I fucking remember Austin Public Access TV back when he was on it. Why no anecdotes about the right-wing asshat with the molestache that wore a toilet lid around his neck screaming that “ALL WOMEN ARE RAPISTS”?

Oh yeah. Because the guy wearing the toilet on his head was on the same side as Jones. Practically an intellectual peer.

I think I’m putting more thought into this than Alex Jones does in the stupid shit he says.

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