An Interview With The Guy That Cussed Out An Alex Jones Dickweed.

30 Apr

If you are unfamiliar, this is Alex Jones, doing Alex Jones stuff.

When he’s not claiming that himself and Glenn Beck were raised in the same government lab to be right-wing talk show hosts (or something), he’s accusing damn near everything of being some sort of plot by worshipers of Moloch that want to turn us all gay and take away our guns because reasons.

Honestly, it’s become difficult to navigate through everything he claims to be against to figure out what he’s actually for. The only consistent thing he has to say implies he wants all the Satanist queermosexuals out of power, and as a quasi-Satanist queermosexual myself, I think he and his ilk can go fuck themselves.

Anyway, his new thing is claiming that the recent Boston Bombing was some sort of FBI thing and some other stuff that is too stupid to repeat. Noticing Jones’ reporter Dan Bidondi in his neighborhood, Bostonite Richard Nicholson was having none of that mess and tore into him.

Since posting that video, he’s received threats of violence from inbred nimrods all over the country. Americans Against The Tea Party recently had an interview with him where he explained his motivation.

Nicholson:  My dear friend Tracy was standing about 20 feet away when the second bomb [at the Boston Marathon] went off.  She started to run away when she saw a little girl laying on the ground. Her leg had been blown off and her little brother, Martin, was already dead.

This is someone I know and love and not some “crisis actor” like Alex Jones and his flock like to imply.  So when I saw one of his stooges in my neighborhood exploiting the victims and those who were affected by this tragedy and trying to pass himself off as a real reporter, my f**king blood started to boil.  That’s why I was so angry.

Now, I admit I don’t agree or endorse some of the stuff he said in that video or interview (ableist language, Islamaphobia, etc) but the passion is pretty awesome. Go drink a dick, conspiracy theorists, and stop harassing victims of a tragedy for your absurd political viewpoints.

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