GOCARTYSTOPIA is my second-released game, and the second game (first Twine-based game) available to download. It is currently available on Game Jolt and itch.io. It is also, apparently, the first Twine game on Gamejolt with working achievements. It was released in April 2015, and was written in a week as a project for a game jam devoted to ANSI/ASCII graphics aethetics. You can find in-progress development tweets on my Storify. This contributed to the game’s overall look of huge chunky pixels and ANSI character reinterpretations.


The game itself is built in Twine, and most game elements are randomized. Dialog and exposition in the opening screens is randomly generated, as is the selection of the route you follow in the “race”.


Gameplay is turn-based, with your movements (9 per race) being tracked in a 5×5 grid. You can select to move forward or turn left or right. Each turn leaves you facing the direction you turned, so relative position on the grid will have to be taken into consideration on the Y axis rather than X, or vice versa, depending on your facing before you turned. Each time you diverge from the path provided, you risk getting lost, skidding out, or even crashing or being arrested.


Just figured I’d also point out that the loading screen for the game is a WebTV loading screen combined with icons from (and also being displayed on) an i-Opener.

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